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Michelle Toledo Caiñas

Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Michelle Toledo Caiñas
Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Michelle Toledo Caiñas

Program Manager, Center for Justice Innovation

11:00 am – 12:15 pm – Exploring IPV Risk Assessments to Improve Responses to High-Risk Intimate Partner Cases

1:15 pm – 2:30 pm – Growing a Robust Coordinated Community Response to Address Risk, Safety, and Healing

Mrs. Toledo Caiñas holds a criminal justice bachelor’s and a master’s in forensic psychology. She is currently at the Center for Justice Innovation’s Domestic Violence Resource for Increasing Safety and Connection Project as a Program Manager. Her past experience includes founding the Georgia Latinos Against Domestic Violence (GLADV) task force in 2009 to support the Latino community and those who work with them. Mrs. Toledo-Cainas led, organized, and developed meetings, training, and events.

Through the years, she has gained knowledge, skills, and abilities to present to a range of audiences on the subject matter of cultural responsiveness, language access, and trauma informed care and its intersection to domestic violence / gender-based violence. Examples of those conferences, are Arte Sana’s Nuestras Voces National Bilingual Sexual Assault in Des Moines, Iowa and Laredo, TX, Encuentro Latino National Institute on Family Violence Latinos and Domestic Violence: Increasing Access to Services in Austin, TX, and Latinos Against Domestic Violence in Dallas, TX.

Her leadership skills have led her to be part of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence Arte Sana and Ahimsa House Board of Directors. In addition, she has successfully engaged and increased participation for the Forsyth County Anti-Violence Task Force during her tenure as Chair. This led to the 2018 Task Force Member of the Year award from the GA Commission on Family Violence.

Finally, developing content which impacts gender-violence on Latino community is a high passion of hers. She takes pride in advocating and educating the community about prevention and intervention strategies using cultural and linguistic responses to ensure services are available and appropriate for the community. Mrs. Toledo Caiñas has experience with the media by having been interviewed and writing blogs and being an expert witness in criminal and civil cases to address the dynamics of domestic violence.