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Christina Love

Christina Love Consulting

Christina Love (she/her) is a proud Alaska Native (Alutiiq/Sugpiaq) mother of two who brings her authentic voice and transformative spirit to the forefront as an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, thought leader, award-winning advocate, and broadcaster. Christina has been at the forefront of strategic initiatives for over 15 years, focusing on equity, organizational transformation, and community healing nationwide. She serves as a Senior Consultant on trauma and intersectionality with an emphasis on centering community and lived expertise.

Her notable contributions include serving as a member of the Trilateral Working Group for the United States, Mexico, and Canada; as a federal commissioner to the Not Inviable Act; and her recent appointment by the president to the federal Council on Human Trafficking. Christina is part of leading a collective movement that works to end violence, oppression, shame, and stigma through healing-centered practices, the liberation of education, community care, and storytelling.