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HSCADV Responds to the Atlanta Shootings & Violence Against Asian Communities

Crowd rallies in front of the Hawaiʻi State Capitol with signs against Anti-Asian sentiments.

We share the grief and outrage of the Asian and Asian American Community who have been the targets of violence. We join the community in mourning the deaths of Daoyou Feng, Hyun J. Grant, Suncha Kim, Paul Andre Michels, Soon C. Park, Xiaojie Tan, Delaina Ashley Yaun, and Yong A. Yue in the Atlanta-area spa shootings. This event is a sobering reminder that Asian and Asian Americans have long been targets of racialized, gendered, and sexualized violence. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been 3,800 incidents of anti-Asian hate—of those, 68% were directed at women.

In Hawaiʻi, we hold a deep sense of pride and appreciation for the incredible diversity of our island communities. Hawaiʻi is the only state that is majority Asian & Pacific Islander (AAPI) and has the highest Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander (NHPI) population in the United States. And yet, despite the tireless work of many Native Hawaiian, AAPI, domestic violence, and sexual assault organizations, our community is not immune to racialized and gendered oppression.

We stand in solidarity with victims and survivors, their families, and allies across movements. In our work to end gender-based violence in Hawaiʻi, we invite you to join us on the journey to develop a framework to prevent domestic violence, expanding on the important work of our member programs, in collaboration with our community partners and allies, that centers on anti-racism and freedom from oppression.  

Local and national organizations we can support include:

Warmest Aloha,

Angelina Mercado, Executive Director
Board of Directors, Hawai‘i State Coalition Against Domestic Violence