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How to Distinguish the Differences Between Gun Violence Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Protective Orders

In Hawai’i, many victims and survivors of abusive relationships obtain temporary restraining orders, or TROs, through their local family court.  This is one of the fastest and most common ways to legally prohibit an individual from being physically near them and victim advocates in Hawai’i often educate their clients on this process.


In addition to the standard restraining order, Hawai’i is also home to a gun violence protection order, or GVPO.  Many may not initially be aware of this process and this chart for victim advocates compares the processes and details of each protective order.


Domestic violence victim advocates in Hawai’i are encouraged to review these options with their clients to determine which type of order may be the most appropriate for them.

Chelsey Stewart (Training & Technical Assistance Specialist)