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Eviction Resources

What are the current eviction laws in Hawai’i?

The State of Hawai’i eviction moratorium ended on August 6, 2021.  Landlords may send a 15-day notice to tenants starting:

  • On August 7, 2021 if tenants are 4 months behind in their rent,
  • On September 6, 2021 if tenants are 3 months behind in their rent,
  • On November 6, 2021 if tenants are 2 months behind in their rent,
  • Or on January 6, 2022 if tenants are 1 month behind in their rent.

If served with an eviction notice for non-payment of rent, tenants now have the opportunity to schedule for mediation within 15 calendar days of the notice according to Act 57.  (The mediation does not have to occur within the 15-day scheduling period.)  Read more about this law for landlords and tenants (or click here to read about Act 57 in various Asian-Pacific Islander languages).

What is the purpose of eviction mediation?

Landlord-tenant mediation programs can help negotiate options such as:

  • Payment plans for back rent,
  • Plans for rent going forward,
  • Applying for rental assistance together (landlords can only receive rental assistance if tenants still reside in the unit),
  • Move out options, and/or
  • Other agreements that support the needs of both landlord and tenant.

Mediators are impartial and are present to help both the landlord and tenant(s) make their own decisions.  Mediation is free for all parties involved.


Training for Tenants Preparing for Mediation

The Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i released this brief introduction on 8/13/2021 for tenants facing eviction, featuring tips on how to prepare for an eviction mediation session.  Topics included are:

  • How to review the eviction notice,
  • Preparing a budget,
  • And possible settlements.

What is the purpose of eviction mediation?

To start landlord-tenant mediation, please contact the following organizations for assistance:

1. Ku’ikahi Mediation Center – East Hawai’i County
2. West Hawai’i Mediation Center – West Hawai’i County
3. Maui Mediation Services – Maui County
4. Mediation Center of the Pacific – City & County of Honolulu
5. Kaua’i Economic Opportunity Mediation Program – Kaua’i County (email or call 808-245-4077 ext. 29 or 237)