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Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

HSCADV is downsizing and in the process of moving out of their current downtown Honolulu office.  As a result, HSCADV does not plan on keeping all their current office furniture.  Member programs are encouraged to take as many furniture as they wish.  If interested, please email to schedule a pickup date/time from the HSCADV office.


Price: $300
55″ (smartish)

Long table with wheels

One (1) long tables with wheels
*They can also be used as desks!
Height: 27″
Length: 71″
Depth: 19.75″

File cabinets (no locks)

Three (3) metal file cabinets with four (4) drawers.  No locks.
Height: 52″
Width: 18.25″
Depth: 26.75″

Wooden desk

One (1) desks without drawers.  See the bottom photo for the desk that is still available.  Please note that part of the right leg is missing, but it is still sturdy.  The top portion is no longer available.
Height: 29.5″
Length: 59.25″
Depth: 29.5″

Large file cabinet (legal size hanging files)

One (1) wooden file cabinet four (4) drawers
Height 53.5″
Length 36″
Depth: 20.5″

Large white cabinet

One (1) white wooden file cabinet with three compartments.  Although the back is slightly old, it still holds together well.
Height 72″
Length 48″
Depth: 20″


Wooden file cabinets (legal or letter hanging files)

One (1) long wooden file cabinet.  Two (2) middle drawers and two (2) vertical cabinets with doors on the sides.
Height: 28.75″
Width: 72″
Depth: 20″














One (1) short wooden file cabinet with two (2) drawers
Height: 28.5″
Width: 36″
Depth: 20.5″

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