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Hawaiʻi State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT

Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT
Trauma & Disaster Relief Consultant

Tuesday, June 14
12:15 pm – 1:30 pm – Preventing Institutional Betrayal: Creating a Culture of Safety & Integrity for Advocates

Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT, values equity, communal accountability, and individual and collective healing. She facilitates and opens opportunities for agencies to embody their institutional equity practices that keep all employees, co-workers, clients, and the community emotionally and physically safe. She teaches agencies how to build workplace trust and prevent institutional betrayal by using equitable and relational-cultural practices. Dr. Faith is a veteran with a Ph.D. in Trauma and Disaster Relief, along with years of experience in the counseling field as she is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in Hawaii and Florida. Because trauma impacts our minds, bodies, souls, and relationships she believes in holistic healing and is a Somatic Trauma Healing Practitioner. All of her retreats and programs take the mind, body, soul, and sociocultural history into account when addressing trauma. Practicing herbal and plant medicines and going to the beach are sources of delight for Dr. Faith and grounds her. She and her husband live in Hawaii and love to travel.

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