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October 2020 – The Hawai’i State Coalition Against Domestic Violence proudly announces the No Room For Violence movement to stand up against abuse.

No Room For Violence is our invitation to the community to take a stand against violence in their relationships, homes, and communities across Hawaiʻi. Domestic violence was once considered a private matter. As survivors, advocates, and allies in the movement, we understand that domestic violence is a public health emergency liken to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives. But, even more so has exposed vast inequalities and barriers to accessing help and safety for women and children facing violence at home.  Although this movement began in Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the HSCADV plans on continuing this campaign to highlight the fact that domestic violence does not only happen in one month of the year; this is a silent pandemic that affects families, friends, and communities year-round.

Join the movement by following and using hashtag #NoRoom4Violence across all major social media platforms. 

Healthy Relationships

To start eliminating domestic violence, we must understand healthy relationships.  There are still misconceptions of what constitutes positive relationships such as, “If they’re jealous, that means they love you.”  How do we separate myths from facts?  What does it truly mean to be in a healthy relationship?  Learn more here.

Downloadable Graphics

Spread the word!  Download our No Room For Violence logo and hyperlink it to our website and resources.

  • Zoom Virtual Background (Gray)
  • Black & White Version (JPG, PNG)
  • Logo w/pink “no” (JPG, PNG)
  • Logo w/black “no” (JPG, PNG)
  • Grayscale Version (JPG, PNG)
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