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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

2018 Hawaii Events Statewide

Oahu: Waipahu v. Leilehua Homecoming

Roosevelt v. McKinley Homecoming

Hale Na'au Pono Resources Tabling 7:30pm

Child & Family Service Slippah Campaign Kickoff

September 28, 2018

Oahu: Domestic Violence Action Center Tabling @ Tamarind Park

Kickoff sign waving 'Ohana Kako'o Resource Center Wai'anae 11-12pm

Hale Na'au Pono "kNOw MORE" Violence Create Peace Tshirts on sale

Maui: Sign Waving at Maui College 4:30pm

October 1, 2018

Oahu: Child & Family Service Sign Waving @ Nimitz office

Sign Making 'Ohana Kako'o Resource Center 2-5pm

October 2, 2018

Oahu Men's March Against Violence & Rally 11:45am @ Capitol See EVENTBRITE: 


October 4, 2018

Maui: County Council Resolution on DVAM 9am

October 5, 2018

Oahu: Men's Circle @ Big Mama's 7-9pm

October 7, 2018

Maui: Sign Waving & Vigil Maui College 5:30pm

October 10, 2018

Oahu: Governor Ige Proclamation 11am Governor's Office

Wai'anae v. Punahou Resource Table 7:30pm

Farrington v. Kahuku Resource Table 7:30pm

October 12, 2018

Oahu: "Empowering Marshallese Women" Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center (by invite)

Child & Family Service Tabling @ Pearl City Walmart

'Ohana Kako'o Resource Table 8-2pm

October 13, 2018

'Ohana Kako'o Resource Table Wai'anae 8-2pm

Men's Circle @ Big Mama's 7-9pm

October 14,  2018

Oahu: Candlelight Vigil Pearl Harbor Chapel 4pm

October 16,  2018

Maui: Shelter Open House (by invite) 8-4pm

October 16,  2018

Lihue: Candlelight Vigil St. Michael's Episcopal Church 5-7pm

October 17,  2018

Kailua-Kona: Vigil @ St. Michael's Church 4:30pm

October 18,  2018

Hilo: Domestic Violence Summit @ Imiloa Astronomy Center 9-3pm

Oahu: Domestic Violence Action Center & Hawaii Immigrant Justice Free Training: TRO Nuts and Bolts 3-4pm @ Kukui Center

Parents & Children Together Paint The Town Purple

October 19,  2018

Maui: Women Helping Women Family Fun Day @ Maui College 9-4pm

Oahu: DVAC Pride March 11am @ Magic Island

'Ohana Kako'o Resource Table Wai'anae 8-2pm

October 20,  2018

Hale Na'au Pono hosts sign making 3:15-5:15

March 5:30-6pm/ Vigil 6-7:30pm

October 21,  2018

Maui: HSCADV Advocate Training 9-4pm @ Maui College

October 22-23,  2018

Maui: Men's March Against Violence 3:30pm @ Boys & Girls Club

October 25,  2018

Lanai: "Blanketed by Shame" skit 5pm

October 26,  2018

'Ohana Kako'o Resource Table Wai'anae 8-2pm

October 27,  2018

Wai'anae Women's Circle 5-7pm @ Big Mama's

Men's Circle 7-9pm @ Big Mama's 

October 28,  2018

Maui: "Blanketed by Shame" skit @ Hana 5pm

October 29,  2018

Hale Na'au Pono Sign Waving 2:30-3:30

October 31,  2018

For information on the above events please see below for contact information: 

Pearl Harbor events: Hanna 474-0098
Lihue Events: Mia 245-8404
Maui Events: WHW 579-9581
CFS Oahu Events: Julia 543-8425
DVAC Oahu Events: 531-3771
West Hawaii Events: 323-2664
HIJC RSVP/Contact: turner.wong AT legalaidhawaii.org
Wai'anae/football events/Hale Na'au Pono: 696-4598
HSCADV: 832-9316